How to change alarm code on Bosch 880 and Bosch 880 Ultima alarm panel

June 18, 2014

So firsty there is two things you will need to do this.

1: You will need the master code, If you only have one alarm code then usually this is the master code

2: Your user number, (Master code is user one, Code two is user 2 Etc) 


So firstly head to the alarm keypad and make sure the system isn't armed.

Step One: Enter your master code followed by the 1 key. Eg if your code is 3456 you should enter 34561 followed by the Hash # key


Step Two: Enter your user number (User 1-16) For example if you want to change the code for user 2 you just enter 2 followed by the hash key


Step three: Enter the new code followed by the has key. So if your new code is 2345 then its just 2345#


And thats it! 



If master code is 3456



1)Master code + 1  (34561#)

2)User Number #   (2#)

3)New Code #        (6789#)



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